That’s Mathematics

Things are still hectic, but at least the phone company guy found the problem and got our “extended DSL” service working. “Extended DSL” is what you get when you live out in the boonies. No guarantees that it will be faster than the ancient modem, but at least it doesn’t tie up the phone line anymore.

And it is a bit faster, so I finally get to enjoy You Tube. If the video doesn’t display properly, you can find it at this link:

Funny Math Problems

Chickenfoot (who made the MathCounts homeschool team, but wishes he hadn’t) found the next song. It doesn’t have much to do with math, but it does have the number “one” in the song title, and there are lessons to be learned:

Another Johnny Cash LEGO Animation

We haven’t laughed so hard in ages.

One thought on “That’s Mathematics

  1. Love the song … and some of those visuals are great! My husband is a big Tom Lehrer fan. We have a book of his songs around here somewhere. Thanks for sharing!

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