Happy Pi Day II

[Feature photo above by pauladamsmith.]

Now there is an ancient Greek letter,
And I think no other is better.
It isn’t too tall,
It might look very small,
But its digits, they go on forever.

— Scott
Mrs. Mitchell’s Virtual School

Time to Celebrate

Are your students doing anything special for \pi Day? After two months with no significant break, we are going stir crazy. We need a day off — and what better way could we spend it than to play math all afternoon?

If you need ideas, here are some great \pi pages:

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Quotations XX: How Old Was Erdös?

Math blackboard
Photo by foundphotoslj.

Here are a few mathematical gems from my co-op class blackboard:

I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy.

John Adams

When I was a child, the Earth was said to be two billion years old. Now scientists say it’s four and a half billion. So that makes me two and a half billion.

Paul Erdös

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