Does Life Have You Swamped?

Photo by Niner.

My yard, my life! This was our front yard and driveway last weekend, as we rushed through our last-minute preparations for the County Fair. Niner, too old for 4-H, was determined to get her photos entered in the open competition before Saturday afternoon’s deadline. She rolled up her pants legs and waded through the drink, using her feet to feel out the edges of the driveway and marking the path with red-flagged fence posts so the Jeep could make it through.

Just in case you were wondering why there were no new posts this week.

9 thoughts on “Does Life Have You Swamped?

  1. Yes, she made it with a couple of hours to spare. She’s in there again tonight, for the “Critique.” After the judges finish deliberating, they will discuss their decisions — should be interesting. I don’t know whether Niner will win anything. I looked at the displayed photos yesterday, in between 4-H events, and they were ALL good. Glad I don’t have to be the judge!

  2. THAT’S your driveway? Holy Cow……we had water too but nothing deep we had to drive through!

    Unfortunately, the soil seepage permeated one wall in our lower level, so we had different problems.

  3. It wasn’t as bad as it looks. The kids have fun splashing around whenever we have a “pond,” and the water was never over Niner’s knees on the driveway. Of course, if the Jeep had turned wrong and gone into the ditch, it would have been stuck, so we are glad she thought of the fence posts.

    None of Niner’s photos placed at the Fair; the competition was too fierce. If she could have registered in the Youth division, she would have done well, I think. But our kids do eventually grow up, don’t they?

  4. I hope you are a little dryer this week. I loved Niner’s photo of the flooding. Her “Grass” photo was great!

  5. Thank you. Yes, the weather this week mostly blew through north of us — if only the “swamps” of daily life dried up so quickly! I am sure Niner would be delighted to have you leave a comment on her blog.

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