Kids’ Project: More Math Calendars?

tulips-by-kuzeytac[Photo by Kuzeytac.]

Several people enjoyed the April calendar and asked if there would be a May version. Unfortunately, my homeschool co-op classes are out until next fall, so I don’t have enough kids to make up problems for me. But if your children would like to send in some puzzles, I will be glad to put another calendar together. If we get enough participation, we could have calendars every month for the rest of the year!

How to Contribute

  • Have your student(s) make up expressions that equal numbers from 1-31.
  • You don’t have to do every number; just find the ones you can think of.
  • You may make more than one expression for some numbers, if you like. After all, there are many months in a year, and they each have plenty of days!
  • You can use arithmetic, algebra, geometry, story problems, etc. — but remember that it has to fit inside a calendar square. Don’t be wordy.
  • Scan your problems or type them in an email. Send to: gmail address
  • Please include the student’s first name and last initial, so I can give credit where it is due. If you are sending problems from more than one student, please mark clearly which problems go with which names.

Have fun making up puzzles! 8)

2 thoughts on “Kids’ Project: More Math Calendars?

  1. Another variation on this game (maybe for next april) is the 4’s puzzle

    Challenge: Using four 4’s and any operations, try to write equations that have the numbers from 0 to 100 as the answer.

    Some numbers can only be done using high school level math, but its still fun.

    You could also make it easier by allowing any number of 4’s

  2. Thank you for the suggestion, Sarah! It would be fun to do a Four-4’s calendar. I was also thinking of using the 2009 game, which my students worked on in January. Lots of interesting options…

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