Brighten Up Your Monday with Puzzles

Mondays come every week. Bleh! Here are some puzzles I found this weekend, to brighten up your day…

[Update + Forgetful Waiter Puzzle from singingbanana.]

More Puzzles from Around the Internet


Be sure to check my Blog Parties for Teachers widget, near the bottom of my sidebar. There are some new carnivals out, including the most recent Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival at Kitten’s place.

One thought on “Brighten Up Your Monday with Puzzles

  1. Thanks for the link Denise! We’re glad to be back posting too — never intended to take a long break [things just kept staying busy here, and stuff fell through the cracks until we caught up] but it feels good to be able to be back reading the blogs I enjoy and posting again. 🙂

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