What Are Mixed Numbers?

I just discovered a fascinating fact: In some places in the world, mixed numbers apparently don’t exist.

So that made me curious about my blog readers:

  • Did you learn about mixed numbers in school?
  • Do you ever use mixed numbers in daily life?
  • Are your children learning to work with them?

And if you DO know mixed numbers, can you simplify this mess:

[If you enjoy dry math humor, the answer is worth the work.]

Where These Questions Came From

Did your device hide the video? Find it on YouTube here.

“Mathematics can vary more from place to place than you might imagine.”

—Adam Atkinson

I wonder if the difference between mixed-number countries and non-mixed has anything to do with when (or if) they officially adopted the metric system. Here in the U.S., I can’t imagine holiday baking without mixed numbers of cups and teaspoons.

The Answer Is…

(In case you skipped the video.)

Isn’t it wild?

CREDITS: “Holiday baking” photo (top) by Christian Bowen and “Girl baking cupcakes” by Tanaphong Toochinda via Unsplash.com. I found the Mixed Numbers video through this month’s Carnival of Mathematics at Sam Hartburn’s blog.

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