March Update: Expanding Blogroll

funny pictures

At our house, we’re fighting persistent colds, and I think these “new and improved” Puffs would be just the thing to cheer up my 9yo! Now that the season has officially turned, I need to put my talented photographer daughter to work on spring pictures for my header. Meanwhile, here is a round-up of the happenings at Let’s play math! blog this month…

March Blog Changes

I have added the Monday Math Madness contest [now defunct] to Blog Parties for Teachers sidebar widget. Have you tried one of their puzzles, yet?

As is traditional for a math geek, I tend to be introverted and somewhat inept in social situations. Unfortunately, I am also rather inept in geeky technical situations, too. But this month, I have made a smidgen of progress on both fronts: With the help of Mamado Inside (including comments), I learned to put social bookmarking buttons at the bottom of my blog posts. [Switched to the built-in sharing options.]

Adding to the Blogroll

I have been neglecting my blogroll. I guess I got worn out by January’s chore of transferring it to a separate page. This month I took some time to add quite a few new friends. If I am still missing your blog, feel free to send me an email.

I laughed at Sam Jackson’s tag line — it deserves to join this list of The Best Website Taglines Around the Internet — so I am considering adding tag lines to my blogroll. That sounds like an overwhelming task, but I think it would make the list more helpful to my readers. It would also give me an excuse to visit blogging friends that I have neglected in the urgent busy-ness of my daily school and house chores. For now, though, I will have to be satisfied with including each new blog’s tag line (or a snippet from the About page) on the list below.

the list
Photo by sunshinecity.

Blogging about math

Tutorials, guides, and more.

bodmas blog
Keith Peter Burnett’s blog about Maths teaching and ILT.

CTK Insights
Thoughts on math education and related tidbits.

I Want to Teach Forever
Information, inspiration and ideas to help keep teachers in the classroom.

A little project that lets me make fun of some things and sense of others.

MAA Online Columns
Mathematical Association of America columns and their archives.

Math Art
Where Mathematics and Art blends into a zen-like state of peace.

Mathematical Musings
Thoughts of a middle school math teacher who is re-discovering technology.

Mathematical Poetry
An artistic expression created by performing mathematical operations on words or images as if they were numbers.

I am the Information Technology and Numeracy Coordinator for the Near North District School Board in Ontario…

Mr. L’s Math
More math for more kids (and adults, too!)

Origami Tessellations
Eric Gjerde’s musings on origami, tessellations, geometry, design, and art.

Out In Left Field
A blog for left-brainers and parents of left-brainers.

Planet Infinity
Come and explore the beautiful world of Mathematics with me. Here you will find lots of mathematics activities and project ideas…

Principle of Mathematics
Understanding maths, appreciating equations.

Tanya Khovanova’s Math Blog
Try also my pet project: Number Gossip.

The Math Underground
Following the Math Action from the classroom, student, parent, and teacher level…

The Number Warrior
Fighting the good fight, one number at a time.

The PiFactory Blog
The thoughts of a radical math teacher now working in a public school in Portland, Oregon.

Tyler and Foxy’s Scientific and Mathematical Adventure Land!
Writing about science, math, atheism, politics and all that jazz.

Teaching, homeschooling, and education in general

Creating Lifelong Learners
Digital literacy, higher level thinking, closing the digital divide.

Through the lens of social science, eduwonkette takes a serious, if sometimes irreverent, look at some of the most contentious education policy debates.

Teach smarter, not harder.

Schola et Studium
schola: learned leisure; conversation , debate—– studium: application, enthusiasm; devotion to, goodwill towards a person or cause; application to learning, study —– And a bit of dreaming thrown into the mix.

So You Want To Teach?
Education for educators.

The Colossus of Rhodey
Culture warriors with an ersatz ne’er-do-well attitude.

The Median Sib
I have two older sisters and two younger sisters. I have one older brother and one younger brother. One would think I would be an exceptionally balanced person coming from such a line-up. Wish it were true!

The Sam Jackson College Experience
All the exciting parts, none of the heavy debt burden.

The Upside Down World
About education and politics and families and social issues and religion and the dangers of french kissing

Yet more: homeschoolers, families, friends, and acquaintances

At Home with Kris
Striving for a life of frugal simplicity.

Parenting is a full-time job.

Changing Places
“Dismiss whatever insults your soul” — Walt Whitman

Homeschool Blog Awards
Proudly bringing you homeschooling’s finest bloggers.

Jacqueline’s Jabberings
Hopefully it will be inspiring and/or entertaining at times.

Janice Campbell
Taking time for things that matter.

Life on the Road
Home business, homeschool, and cats.

The Daily Planet
I am on my way to becoming the woman God created me to be.

The Voice of Experience
Wisdom from the best book around.

Waltzing Matilda
Roman Catholic homeschooling mom to four (so far!) amazing kids and wife to a wonderful man who makes me laugh and keeps me sane!

And other interesting websites

An Evangelical Dialogue on Evolution
Sharing one Evangelical’s perspective on evolution and its implications for the Christian Faith.
Thoughts for the serious reader of Harry Potter.

Pandora Radio
To play music you’ll love — and nothing else.

Your brain fitness center.

Quintessence of Dust
Exploring issues of science and Christian faith, focusing on genetics, development, evolution, neuroscience, and other scientific issues that worry evangelical Christians.

sunrise ulsoor lake
Photo by Swami Stream.

Articles by Category

This month I added several more Alexandria Jones stories, although I still have quite a backlog. Here are the March blog posts at glance:

Alexandria Jones


Life in General



How & why/Math monsters


3 thoughts on “March Update: Expanding Blogroll

  1. Thanks for the link and mention – so envious of your gorgeous house…. someday I want to have that much room for my golden retriever ranch! ;^)

    1. Unfortunately, I haven’t updated my blogroll for years. I keep intending to do so, and someday I actually will. In the meantime, I suppose you could leave a comment on my Blogroll page, if you’d like.

      BUT… There really isn’t much point in getting your blog on anyone’s blogroll, if the blog itself is marked private. First change your blog settings, then start promoting your blog.

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