For Niner: A Bit of Calculus Fun

Students headed into finals week need to blow off some steam, so let’s have a little fun with calculus. Hey, Niner, does this look familiar?…

[10 Steps to Solving a Calculus Problem by hydriapotts.]

My Favorite Calculus Song

[Calculus Rhapsody by Phil Kirk & Mike Gospel. Hat tip: Why Homeschool.]

Another Calculus Hit

[I Will Derive! by MindofMatthew. ]

Quick Review

[Calculus I in 20 Minutes (The Original) by Thinkwell. This is just the first 9 minutes, but apparently Part 2 has been removed from YouTube. 😦 ]

6 thoughts on “For Niner: A Bit of Calculus Fun

  1. can you please solve this? “in a certain math course, a student needs between 720 and 810 points in order to get a B. the final exam worth 200 points. if Cathy has 584 points just before the finals, what range of scores on the final exam will give her a B for the course?

  2. Hi, lyra jane, and thank you for stopping by!

    You can solve your problem with a little bit of logic. Start thinking this way:
    * If Cathy got 1 point on the final, would that be enough to give her a B?
    * What if she got 10 points?
    * 100 points?
    * What is the least number of points that would give her a total of 720? That is the beginning of the range of scores you are looking for.

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