Best Articles about Solving Word Problems

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I’m still working on that Best of Blog page. [It’s done! :D] Here are the 20 best Let’s Play Math! blog articles about solving word problems (also known as story problems)…

Solving Word Problems

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Bar Diagrams Help Students Think

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Update: My New Book

You can help prevent math anxiety by giving your children the mental tools they need to conquer the toughest story problems.

Check out Word Problems from Literature: An Introduction to Bar Model Diagrams—now available at all your favorite online bookstores!

And there’s a paperback Student Workbook, too.

Math Teachers at Play #26 via Math Hombre

Click over and check out the wonderful selection of math blog posts at Math Hombre:

John included one of Kitten’s recent posts in the carnival:

(I’m not sure where the random coughing came from. Perhaps she meant it as a warning that the post wasn’t about actual policemen?)

20 Best Math Games and Puzzles

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See the new, expanded games post here:

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Over the years, Let’s Play Math! blog has grown into a sprawling mess of 480+ posts, which can make it very hard to find the specific math tip you’re looking for. The Archives page is nearly useless, with the articles organized by month of publication.

Therefore, I’ve begun putting together a Best of the Blog page, collecting the all-time favorite blog posts from each category. [It’s done! :D]

And where better to start than with my top hands-on activities?

Skim. Click. Explore. Have fun!

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The Arithmetic Fairy

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Homeschool Freebie of the Day (which introduced me to Number Stories of Long Ago) shares another gem today: an mp3 recording of The Arithmetic Fairy, by E. Nesbit, one of my family’s favorite authors.

Young Edwin is an English schoolboy who deplores his daily math class. He wishes he could easily solve the problems he faces each day…

You can download the entire book of fairy tales from LibriVox:

“The Arithmetic Fairy” is chapter 7. Enjoy!