A Football Puzzle

[Photo by rdesai.]

The MIT Mathmen got the ball on their own 20-yard line for the last drive of the game. They were down by 2 points, so they needed at least a field goal to win the game.

If quarterback Zeno and his offense advanced the ball halfway to the opposing team’s end zone on each play…

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Logic Games at Blogging 2 Learn

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For the rest of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), my other blog is featuring a logic game or puzzle every day. So far, I’ve shared three of my online favorites:

And there’s plenty more fun to come. Drop in every day until December to see a new puzzle or game:

And the Baby Is . . .

[Photo by gabi menashe.] This story is continued from Alexandria Jones and the Eighty-Yard Drive

There was a time-out on the field, and the Jones family sat down for a brief rest. Sam asked, “How do babies decide when it’s time to be born?”

“Well, son, it has to do with numbers. You see,” Uncle Will explained, “the baby spends his first month thinking about the number one.”

“That’s not much to think about,” Sam said. “But I suppose he can’t handle much at that age.”

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Alexandria Jones and the Eighty-Yard Drive

[Photo by West Point Public Affairs.]

Alexandria Jones pulled the last sheet of chocolate chip cookies from the oven and inhaled deeply. Mmm! Perfect. And just in time — Mom was calling her to the car. She slid the cookies into a plastic bowl but left the lid off so the steam could escape. The Jones family was going to meet Uncle Will and Alex’s cousin Sam for a tail-gate picnic before the big football game.

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Catching Up on the Carnivals

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My Blog Parties for Teachers sidebar widget is now updated with the latest carnivals. If you host an education blog carnival that you think my readers might enjoy, please email me a link.