Kids’ Project: More Math Calendars?

tulips-by-kuzeytac[Photo by Kuzeytac.]

Several people enjoyed the April calendar and asked if there would be a May version. Unfortunately, my homeschool co-op classes are out until next fall, so I don’t have enough kids to make up problems for me. But if your children would like to send in some puzzles, I will be glad to put another calendar together. If we get enough participation, we could have calendars every month for the rest of the year!

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Carnival of Mathematics Resurrected

Carnival of Mathematics

The Carnival of Mathematics is back:

There is a nice balance of articles. My favorite comes from a new blog (just started this month!): The Numbers Go Social Networking.

A winner has been announced and a solution posted for last week’s Monday Math Madness:

Watch for the new puzzle coming next Monday at Wild About Math!

And don’t forget: The next installment of Math Teachers at Play opens next Friday, May 1, at I Want to Teach Forever. To contribute, use this handy submission form.

Free: Calculus Student’s Best Friend


Considering how many fools can calculate, it is surprising that it should be thought either a difficult or a tedious task for any other fool to learn how to master the same tricks… Being myself a remarkably stupid fellow, I have had to unteach myself the difficulties, and now beg to present to my fellow fools the parts that are not hard. Master these thoroughly, and the rest will follow. What one fool can do, another can.

Silvanus P. Thompson

For years, I have recommended Calculus Made Easy as summer reading (and future reference) for high school or college students headed into a calculus course — and for the parents of those students, who may have studied calculus in ages past and now need to dredge out the dust bunnies of memory so they can help with homework.

The original book (second edition) is now out of copyright and available for free online:

[Hat tip to Sam and Michael for finding the Scribd version, which set me off searching for a clearer copy.]

Puzzle: Factoring Trinomials

Factoring Puzzle

My high school class ended the year with a review of multiplying and factoring simple polynomials. We played this matching game, and then I gave them a puzzle worksheet. I liked this idea, but I didn’t like the decoded answer. In my opinion, puzzles should give the student a “reward” for solving them — maybe a joke or riddle or something — but that answer seemed almost like nagging.

So I changed things around to make my own version:

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Math Teachers at Play #5

[Photo by Alex Kehr.]

Welcome to the Math Teachers At Play blog carnival — which is not just for math teachers! If you like to learn new things and play around with ideas, you are sure to find something of interest. Let the mathematical fun begin…

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Calling Homeschoolers: Teaching Advice Wanted

[Photo by Betsssssy.]

Tom DeRosa of I Want to Teach Forever told me that he would love to have homeschool teachers or unschoolers contribute to his 52 Weeks, 52 Teachers Project. Just write a short response to the question:

  • “What is the most important advice you can give to other teachers?”

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